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Bridal Bouquet Floral Dome

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Transform your dried bridal bouquet into a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Each custom bridal dome features a combination of floral from your bouquet and other specially selected dried and preserved materials, creating a magical, miniature landscape infused with memories. Displayed in a 10” glass dome. Choose gold or wood base. Each cloche is one-of-a-kind and will have its own unique color palette and composition. Made to last forever.


Wood Dome - Height: 10 ¾ " Diameter: 5 1/2

Gold Dome - Height: 10 ¾ " Diameter: 5 1/2

Please allow 5-8 week turnaround.

Fragile. Handle with care.


Handcrafted & One of a Kind

Each floral dome is made to order, so materials may vary slightly based on foliage and floral availability. 

Pickup only - Chicago, IL.

Suggestion for drying out the bouquet: hang it upside down in a dry, temperate area, such as a hallway closet, and let it air dry for at least a week and longer if it's cool. Best results if individual blooms are hung separately.