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Crystal Floral Dome (large)

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A miniature world of colorful dried floral, adorned with an array of crystals, displayed in a large, 10” glass dome on a gold base.  Made to last forever.

Dimensions:  Height: 10 ¾ " Diameter: 5 1/2

Fragile. Handle with care.

Ready to ship


Handcrafted & One of a Kind

Each floral dome is made to order, so materials may vary slightly based on foliage and floral availability. 

Pickup (Chicago, IL) & shipping available.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The glass dome and base are not sealed together, and the glass may fog up with temperature changes in the air - totally normal! Gently remove the dome from the base and use glass cleaner to wipe down the inside and outside of the dome. Gently place dome back onto base.